Product manager, mama of two adventurous kids, and web developer.

Curiosity, drive, and a strong passion for bringing the voice of the customer into the product development process led me to cultivate a career in product management. Many years in various customer service/community manager roles fed the desire to be a larger part of delighting customers through thoughtful, user-centered product development. As a lifelong learner, I am excited to venture into another facet of product creation, the engineering side of things. My new skills have taught me how to think about problems in different ways and I love applying what I have learned to other areas of my life. When not immersed in tech you can find me traveling the world with my family, geocaching, or hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn!


geocaching dashboard pic Dashboard

A collaborative project with the worldwide geocaching community to create a smart jumping off place to plan their next adventure. We ended the project with an 72% acceptance rate from the community for a page that hadn't been touched in 15 years. Proud moment for our team, for sure.

geocaching help center pic Help Center

I worked with the community team to create a more intuitive, helpful place where geocachers could get answers to their questions about the game.

geocaching trackable code orders pic Bulk Trackable Purchase Process

Working with our merchandise and finance departments and community coin vendors we re-vamped an old process to be more self-service. What used to take multiple employees 2-4 hours a week now can be done in 30 minutes or less. Win!

geocaching careers page pic Careers Page

A collaborative effort with HR to create a new careers page to showcase all the awesome reasons to work at Geocaching HQ.


Image of wireframe for the 'Meet the Designers' page of the Authentic Grace site


Basic wireframing of the new 'Meet the Designers' page on the Authentic Grace site with Whimsical.

Screenshot of the website called Authentic Grace

Authentic Grace

A basic web app to showcase creating something from soup to nuts. We started with a business model canvas, wireframed the pages, and coded them accordingly. The end result is a simple, static store-front for a boutique clothing company, Authentic Grace.

Screenshot of the website called Pathways to Housing

Pathways to Housing

A collaborative effort to create a site that could help relieve homelessness. We researched the problem, decided on a target user and sent out surveys to find out the best way to help. We found out that our target user (helping professions) had a hard time finding resources to point those in need of housing to. Once we knew what our users needed we wireframed everything and coded accordingly. Our end result was a simple site that has a wide variety of information for many different populations that may be experiencing homelessness.



I'm always happy to chat about product, code, being a mom in tech, or all three!